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Il Destino is one of the UK's most successful classical crossover duo's. Many will say Il Destino laid out the blue print for the likes of Richard & Adam and Boe & Ball. Originally bursting on to the scene in 2013 Il Destino combining the vocals of platinum selling classical recording artist Jon Christos and award-nominated opera & musical theatre performer Adam Lacey. Both have an impressive array of past professional credits from the world of opera, musicals and countless recording credits on compilation albums, concept recordings as well as their individual solo albums.


The pair first met in 2012 at Cadogan hall, where both were performing individually at 'The Inspirational awards for Women'. Despite them being from opposite sides of the Pennines there were no war of the roses here the pair instantly hit it off a knew there was something special in combining their voices that needed to be explored further. Working with the team that launched Russell Watsons career the pair toured extensively across the UK in the years that followed, before taking their show international.  The natural ease and camaraderie they share off stage really shines in their performance which never fails to draw the audience in.

 Due to their cheeky infectious personalities; the duo are quickly built up a devoted and engaged fan base and are often lovingly referred to as the ‘Ant and Dec of the classical world


In 2015 after many requests they recorded their debut album titled 'One Voice' which really captured their fresh approach to the classical world.

Featuring an eclectic mix of musical styles from pop, rock and classical, fused with symphonic orchestral pop-rock arrangements and breath-taking vocals harmonies they were able to break down the classical stereo-types and capture the hearts, and imagination of a broad-range of listeners.

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